Project Description

On 15th December 2015, the government approved the designation of the lands at Balgaddy – Clonburris, as a site for the establishment of an Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). The SDZ lands, consisting of approximately 280 hectares, are located to the west of Dublin City Centre and the M50 – within the triangle between Lucan, Clondalkin and Liffey Valley. The Planning Scheme aims to deliver new housing as an expansion of the established Lucan and Clondalkin areas in the Greater Dublin Area.

In June of 2018, FERS Ltd. successfully tendered to provide an up-to-date baseline ecological assessment of the Clonburris SDZ Lands. 

Moss Carder-bee Bombus muscorum foraging on Teasel

The primary objectives of the baseline ecological assessment were:

  • To survey the ecological habitats within the study area;
  • To produce baseline GIS information on the presence, distribution and conservation status of ecological habitats and recorded species within the study area;
  • To produce a digital habitat map for the study area to Fossitt Level 3;
  • To highlight elements or particular areas of specific potential for biodiversity or conservation interest;
  • To identify the potential presence and effectiveness of ecological corridors within the study area, linking the study area to adjoining areas of potential biodiversity interest that can inform a developing Green Infrastructure Network for the County; and
  • To assess and make recommendations on conservation priorities regarding the identified biodiversity resource of the site.

Papers & Publications

Clonburris SDZ Baseline Ecological Assessment 2018